Ranking the Main Pop Girl Albums of 2024 (So Far) (with Ira Madison III)

It seems like every single Main Pop Girl has dropped an album this year: Ariana, Kacey, Beyoncé, Taylor, Dua, Billie and Charli. And we're only six months in! It's been a whole lot of new music to process but now that we've had a minute to sit with these records, Keep It's Ira Madison III joins DJ Louie to reflect on all of these records, what they have common, what makes each stand out, and debate which they liked and disliked. Ira and Louie give each of the girlie's albums a "Pitchfork rating" and end the show with a final ranking of all the Main Pop Girl Albums of 2024... so far.

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DJ Louie XIV
DJ Louie XIV
Louie is a DJ, writer and pop music obsessive who has played in venues across the world and clients that include Vanity Fair Magazine, Zac Posen, The New Yorker, Fendi, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, and The Met.
Ranking the Main Pop Girl Albums of 2024 (So Far) (with Ira Madison III)
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